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Akumal Monkey Sanctuary needed us. Thanks for your support!

While COVID-19 didn't directly impact animals, the consequences certainly felt directly for many organizations that have tirelessly cared for hundreds of animals were grappling with the economic fallout of this unprecedented pandemic, leaving them without the means to maintain the well-being of these animals. AKUMAL MONKEY SANCTUARY NEEDED OUR SUPPORT, AND YOU CAME THROUGH!

®Video by Akumal Monkey Sanctuary for Wimok. Even if Akumal Monkey Sanctuary is not directly related to wildlife conservation it is an organization that has dedicated years to rescuing and rehabilitating animals I have personally witnessed the unwavering commitment they put into the care and rehabilitation of these animals, so we wanted to help them through this rough times.

This sanctuary provides refuge for over 250 animals of 55 different species, all of whom have been rescued from illegal trafficking.

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary

®Picture by Akumal Monkey Sanctuary for Wimok.

This campaign has now concluded. Thank you for your generous donations, YOUR SUPPORT MADE A DIFFERENCE! - Wimok.

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