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The Programs


Weather you donate, volunteer or sign a petition, your contribution is vital to our mission of protecting wildlife and supporting experts on their conservation programs. Discover below the programs we support.



Flying eagles in the mountains

Join Squamish Environment Society on their annual eagle count.

The Squamish Environment Society’s EagleWatch Program is looking for volunteer EagleWatchers! Join us for a 30-60mins walk along the river counting bald eagles that are perched in trees on both sides of the river, feeding on salmon from the sand bars, or soaring in the sky above. Data gathered by the volunteers is posted on their website.

Where: Squamish, BC, Canada

When: Nov - January

Sign a petition

Raise your voice for those who can´t.



"El Triunfo"
Natural  Park  in danger

"We are a group of small landowners who have dedicated the use of the land in the "El Triunfo" Biosphere to the conservation of ecosystems in Chiapas, Mexico. However, since the beginning of 2022, we have become victims of land dispossession, which poses a threat to these vulnerable ecosystems, including the Cloud Forest and the endangered species that call it home.
Please sign the petition and help us save this spaces.

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No to the Mayan Train over
cenotes and caves of Quintana Roo

The Mayan Train project entails numerous risks and environmental impacts in the Mexican southeast, an area of high biological richness and significance for the preservation and protection of the Mayan jungle, the aquifer, and biodiversity.
Please sign the petition to help us prevent it.

Captura de pantalla 2022-04-29 a la(s) 23.03.55.png

Protect the ocean by supporting
a strong High Seas Treaty!

Today, nearly half the planet is unprotected and vulnerable to exploitation. This ocean area that lies outside of any country’s jurisdiction are known as the High Seas and cover over 60% of the ocean and are critical to the health of the entire ocean. Many species, such as whales, tunas, sharks, and turtles spend much of their lives traveling along them, but only 1.2% of the High Seas have been protected leaving its marine life vulnerable to exploitation.
Please sign the petition and help Sea Legacy protect the ocean.

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