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Explore with us!

This is your opportunity to get close to wildlife in a safe and responsible environment.
Sign in and join us in our adventures to learn everything about your favorite wild species while living an unforgettable experience!

A percentage of every tour will be used to support your favorite species.


Discover Baja California's Underwater World and Save a Shark.

For years, the fishing community of Agua Amarga in Baja California, Mexico, has relied on capturing thousands of sharks to support their families; however, they are determined to change their profession and support shark's conservation.
As a sea and adventure enthusiast, you have the opportunity to join their cause.
Book a tour with us and allow them to introduce you to the wonders of the ocean instead of going out to fish. 

Location: Baja California, Mexico

Duration: 3hrs

Coming soon

Explore Sian Ka'an Biosphere.

Immerse yourself in a paradise of biodiversity and culture along the Caribbean coast of Mexico. In Sian Ka'an, you'll venture through tropical jungles, lagoons, and coral reefs, home to jaguars, monkeys, dolphins, manaties and crocodiles.

On our tours we work hand by  hand with the Mayan communities of the area to provide you with sustainable ways to enjoy this natural wonder while supporting conservation efforts and contribute to scientific research.
Join us for an unforgettable experience in Sian Ka'an.

Location: Tulum, Mexico

Duration: 8hrs

Coming soon

Experience true sustainability while indulging in Mayan flavors.

Uncover authentic sustainability secrets from our ancient past and savor Mayan cuisine. Our favorite Mayan families will open their doors to provide us with this unforgettable experience as we explore the heart of the Mayan community, learn how they've preserved their environment for centuries, and enjoy a special Mayan meal;  a masterpiece from their own harvest. Reserve today for an adventure filled with education, culture, and delightful tastes.

Location: Tulum, Mexico

Duration: 4hrs

Coming soon
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